Event Description

The connection and attachment of parts, subassemblies, and modules in a definite sequence to produce a finished machine. This event is all about testing the participant's ability to visualise, modelling and time management. Participants will be provided the dissembled parts of a Bicycle, at first he'll be given time to look at the parts and visualise a final machine product. Then participants of the team together need to assemble the dissembled parts in the time limit given. The team which scores the maximum points in the minimum time will win the event.


  1. Number of members in a team must be two.
  2. ime limit for each team is 15 minutes.
  3. Participants must use only the tools provided.
  4. No extra time will be provided.
  5. Bicycle assembled will be tested and points will be given accordingly.


Any damage cause to the parts/tools given to the team leads to disqualification of the team and damage cost will be imposed on the team.


Only 1st 2 position will be awarded prize money(1500 and 1000 respectively).