The quiz contains Round 1 (15 questions) +Round 2 (15 questions) from different aspects of computer programming. Each question will have some points allotted to it.
Round 1: Elimination Round. Individual will need to get into top 15 in order to clear this round. Separate set of questions for Group A(1st year+ 2nd year) and Group B(3rd year + 2nd year) will be there in this round. Streams other than CSE will be considered under Group A.
Round 2 : Rapid Fire : Question will appear on PC for the time till any of your competitor answers it correctly. Negative marks will be given for incorrect response and participant will be forbidden to answer for multiple number of times for the same question.


There is no teams, each participant will attempt the quiz individually.
Participants can get themselves registered in advance.

Judging and Winning

Participants are not allowed to access Internet during the event.
Any Participants found cheating will be disqualified immediately.
The teams will have to maintain a code of conduct and ensure the smooth progress of event.


1. Qualified teams and further rules for 2nd round shall be displayed after the 1st round.
2. Cash Prizes and Certificates to the winning and runners’ up teams shall be awarded.
3. The robots are not allowed to use any grippers or actuations which intend to harm the robot of the opposition.
4. Detailed fixtures and game schedules will pe posted as soon as registrations are closed.