Each game has a time limit of 20 minutes, with 8-10 teams playing in a game.
Each team consists of 2 people, who will substitute the playing pieces.
Questions are asked to the participants at every snake or ladder, and the correctness of the answer determines their fate.
The difficulty of the questions increases as the team moves up the board.


Participants are tested on the basics of communication theory as well as latest trends and technologies in communications and their application in an aptitude round. Participants are required to have basic idea on communication theory as well as present day mobile communication technologies like GSM, 3G etc. to clear this round.

Its a buzzer round.


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
Participate in a larger than life version of one of the oldest board games, by traveling through an appropriately sized map of the original Indian game of luck. Roll the colossal dice, and be prepared to answer a technical, logical or general knowledge question every time you land on a snake or a ladder.