Let's solve a problem together!


Each member will be given a Coding Puzzle to solve on PC.
A total of 25 min will be given to per member per PC following which an internal sliding of members will be done. Every member is supposed to continue the code of previous member.
There will be 2 rounds i.e. Pre and Mains.
Teams qualifying Pre will proceed to Mains i.e. Finale.
Separate set of questions will be given to Group A (1st year + 2nd year) and Group B (3rd year + 4th year) in Pre. Streams other than CSE will be considered under Group A.


If there is a Tie between two teams, code having more correct results will be preferred. If the tie still persists, codes will be evaluated on the basis of runtime.
The evaluation will be done on the spot in second round.
The results of first round will be posted on event website.
No re-evaluation requests will be entertained and in case of any conflict, the decision of coordinators will be final.


The event is open for students of all steams from all years. Teams can get themselves registered in advance.


IDE for JAVA will be NetBeans and for C and C++, Code Blocks will be provided.
Teams are not allowed to access internet during the event. Any team found cheating will be disqualified immediately.
Teams will be provided with college PCs and have to handle them with care. Any student damaging the college equipment will be disqualified and fined accordingly.
The teams will have to maintain a code of conduct and ensure the smooth progress of event.