"IT'S HARD TO BE A BREAKOUT PRISON AND ESCAPE!!" The original concept of Breakout-a Man(manual bot) deliberately getting himself sent to prison in order to help his brother(autonomous bot) escape. Why someone would embark on such a mission.


The task for your team is to make manual bot and help escape the autonomous bot from prison. Autonomous bot must follow black line and do the entrusted in gameplay. It consists of a base platform(arena) which has a path for LFR bot with various obstacles in the arena. The main objective of this event is that the participant has to clear all the obstacles along the path of the LFR bot using a DPDT controlled (manual) bot so that the LFR bot reaches the finish line without any interruption.


1. Only 1 manual bot per team is allowed.
2. The bot must fit into a box of dimension 300mm X 300mm X 300mm (l X b X h).
3.The bot must be stable, and there should be no separate part of the bot splitting up out of it.
4.Manual bot should be controlled by a remote or DPDT switch.
5.Manual bot can have on-board or off-board power supply, a 220 Volt AC power supply plug will be provided. However the teams are required to bring their own adapters or batteries with them.
6.The maximum allowed voltage is 12V.


1. Manual bot cannot be constructed using readymade Lego kits or any readymade mechanism. But you can make use of readymade gear assemblies. Teams found to be violating this clause will be disqualified.
2. The manual bot should be controlled by only one remote.
3. If any bot damages the arena, it will be disqualified immediately.


Any team that is not ready at the event time will be disqualified from the event. Initially 1000 points will be allotted to each team. For successful clearance of each obstacle, points will be rewarded to the participants. If the LFR bot is interrupted by any obstacle then points will be deducted. The time taken by the participants to complete the task will be recorded (in seconds) and point's equivalent to the time in seconds will be deducted from their total points. The winner, runner-up and 2nd runner-up will be decided based on the cumulative points that they have earned at the completion of the event. The time recorded by the organizers is final.The manual bot cannot enter the track of the autonomous bot which if violated can even lead to disqualification or deduction of points whichever the organizers seems applicable.The participants cannot touch their bot during the game, which if violated, points will be deducted.In case of any disputes/discrepancies, the organizer's decision will be final and irrevocable. The organizers reserve the right to any of the above specified rules as they deem fit. Any changes/updates in the rules will be notified to the participants. The arena and the specific tasks/objectives of the game will be explained to the participants during the event.


Team should be of 3-5 members and competition is open for all. So, students from diffrent educational institute can also form a team. A team can register as two seperate teams if they are using two different bots for the event.


  • Anant
  • Mayank