Goal Against Time


Gear up and let’s play technical football!!! Goal vs Time!


It’s time to put your engineering talent to test. Show the world why you are an engineer. Design a remote controlled robot blending your technical intellect and innovative ideas capable to goal against time and fellow robots with maximum accuracy and in minimum time.


1. Motor speed should not exceed 500rpm.
2. Maximum Dimension of robot should be 30x30x30 cm3 (excluding the extra front attachment).
3. Maximum allowable power supply is of 12V.
4. Power supply may off-board or on-board.
5. Except frontal attachment no other modifications in robot will be accepted.


1. Game play shall start when the referee gives the signal. If started before the signal of the referee then points shall be deducted and game shall restart. Three similar mistakes will be allowed, after that direct disqualification.
2. The ball can be either dragged or pushed by the robot.
3. Maximum two team members can be allowed near the arena for handling the robot.
4. 3rd and Final Year: Controller cannot be switched.
1st and 2nd Year: Controller can be switched only two times. Time shall be paused.
5. Arena description shall be informed soon.


1. Score as many goals as you can in a span of 15 minutes.
2. Team securing highest points after total tally shall proceed to 2nd round.
3. Points for hand touch (whether robot or ball) shall be deducted, boundary touch and if the ball has to be put back (in case if the ball goes outside the boundary) shall be deducted.
4. Extra points for on-board power supplies.
5. Extra points to 1st and 2nd year for wireless controlling.
6. Point deduction for any undue disturbance inside the arena.

Round 2:FACE OFF

1. Two teams have to face each other as in normal soccer.
2. Defend and score within a span of given time with side switch after 1st half.


1. Qualified teams and further rules for 2nd round shall be displayed after the 1st round.
2. Cash Prizes and Certificates to the winning and runners’ up teams shall be awarded.
3. The robots are not allowed to use any grippers or actuations which intend to harm the robot of the opposition.
4. Detailed fixtures and game schedules will pe posted as soon as registrations are closed.


  • Ajoy Hajong
  • Donkupar Francis Marbaniang

  • majhongajoy@gmail.com