It is a robotic competition focussing on overcoming various hurdles spread over a rugged terrain. It should be a very robust bot whose strength, swiftness and endurance will be put to test.


To design a wireless or wired bot which can reach its destination by tackling all the obstacles coming in its way as quickly as possible.


1. Bot dimension should be such that it can be enclose inside a box of dimensions 30cm*30cm*30cm.
2. The bot can be controlled wirelessly or wired.
3.Potential difference should not be more than 24 volts.
4.The bot must be stable and there should be no separate part splitting up out of it.
5.Manual bot must have on-board power supply.
6.Manual bot should receive signal from a single remote control.


1. Events will be conducted in two phases i.e. Prelims and Finals.
2. As the time starts the manual bot has to start from START line and travel through a path consisting of various hurdles and reach the FINISH line as soon as possible.
3. Points will be deducted on skipping any hurdles.
4. Points will be deducted on touching the bot.
5. Due preference will be given to the bot which reaches its destination in less amount of time.
6. At most 3 hurdles/obstacles can be skipped.
7. Points will be deducted if BOT deviates from arena.
8. Any team that is not ready at the specified time will be disqualified from the competition automatically.
9. Team members are not allowed to enter or touch any part of the arena. In any situation , only organizers can make changes in the arena. If any member of the team is found manipulating the arena , the team will be disqualified immediately.
(More Rules based on the design of the track will be coming soon)


There can be at most four participants per team.
Students from different colleges can be a part of a single team.
An individual cannot be a part of more than one team.
All participants must be in possession of their Institute Identity Card during the event.


The time measured by the organizers will be final and used for scoring.
In case of any dispute or ambiguity , event co-ordinator's  decision will be considered final and binding.
The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules and scoring pattern as they deem fit.


  • A. Nitish Raju